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MADYMO Occupant Safety

Exchange data with MADYMO generic multibody and FEA software

Date Updated: 3/5/2012
Version: 3.507.12065
Compatibility: Isight 5.7, MADYMO 6.2
Platforms: All

MADYMO is an engineering tool that enables the design and optimization of occupant safety systems of vehicles.  It is a generic multi-body finite element software for impact simulation.  The Isight MADYMO component creates a direct link to MADYMO, allowing for alteration of values in a MADYMO input file and extraction of results.

The component handles standard MADYMO input xml model files and parses output files to extract results of interest.  It provides support for loads on different parts of the vehicle such as buckle load, shoulder buckle load, etc.  It provides output support for deflection and position of different parts of the body.

Users of the MADYMO component also use the following components:

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