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Exchange data with and execute MSC.Nastran

Date Updated: 3/5/2012
Version: 3.507.12065
Compatibility: Isight 5.7, Nastran 2011 and older
Platforms: All

MSC.Nastran is a widely used general purpose finite element analysis software.  It can be used for a variety of analysis types including linear and non-linear structural analysis, eigenvalue analysis, heat transfer analysis, aeroelasticity analysis, and acoustics analysis.  The Isight Nastran component creates a direct link to Nastran, allowing the user to modify a reference Nastran input deck, execute the Nastran solver, and extract results from an .f06 output file.  This component can be used together with Isight design drivers to perform Nastran optimization, DOE, Monte Carlo simulation.

The component provides default support for a variety of input cards including MAT1, MAT4, MAT8, PSHELL, PBEAM, PELAS, PBAR, PROD, PSHEAR, FORCE, FORCE1, FORCE2, MOMENT, MOMENT1, MOMENT2, PLOAD, PLOAD2, GRAV, GRID.  Furthermore, input card support is configurable and extendible by the end-user through a configuration file to allow support for any additional input cards.

Users of the Nastran component also use the following components:
Catia component, Optimization Stress Ratio plugin, Patran component, Pro/E component, Unigraphics component

Attached Files

  Name/Description Last Updated File Size
Nastran process integration using the MSC.Nastran component
8/16/2007 1.3 mb
Nastran component demonstration from Engineous online development series event recorded on 1/24/2008
1/25/2008 9.7 mb
Nastran process integration using the Simcode component and ASCII text file parsing
7/3/2007 13.1 mb
Video demonstrating the use of Sculptor for finite element geometry modification, Simcode component for Nastran execution, and VCollab component for results visualization
9/28/2007 32.4 mb


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