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Exchange FEA data with Patran, execute Nastran and other solvers

Date Updated: 3/5/2012
Version: 4.507.12065
Compatibility: Isight 5.7, Patran 2008 and 20102
Platforms: Win32

MSC.Patran is a widely used pre and post processor for CAE/CAD simulations.  It can be used to import geometry, define properties of the geometry, loads, and boundary conditions, and produce run-ready solver input decks.  The Isight Patran component creates a direct link to Patran, allowing the user to graphically specify analysis input and output parameters within the Patran user interface and to control execution of Nastran, Marc, and other solvers.  This component can be used together with Isight design drivers to perform Patran optimization, Patran DOE, or Patran Monte Carlo simulation.

The component supports extraction of variables from the Patran database (.db) file.  It provides input support and graphical selection of FEA parameters such as element thickness, cross-sectional area, materials properties, loads, and nodal coordinates.  It also provides output support for Nastran .op2 and .xdb file formats, with extraction of displacements, stresses, mass properties, and eigenvalues.

Users of the Patran component also use the following components:
Catia component, Nastran component, Pro/E component, Unigraphics component, VCollab component

Attached Files

  Name/Description Last Updated File Size
Patran process integration using the Patran component
5/26/2006 6.6 mb
Patran parametric modeling using the Patran component
5/25/2006 3.9 mb
Patran parametric bracket process integration, VCollab component, Monte Carlo, EDM, and Correlation Map
2/9/2007 11.0 mb
Patran parametric variation of a Marc analysis using the Patran component
7/31/2006 3.7 mb
Patran component and VCollab component process integration
5/26/2006 4.9 mb
Unigraphics, Patran, and VCollab components used to parametrically vary UG geometry, analyze stresses, and visualize stress field
1/17/2007 14.3 mb


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