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Pro/E CAD Driver

Exchange data with and execute Pro/E

Date Updated: 12/11/2012
Version: 5.3.4
Compatibility: Isight 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 5.6 and Pro/E Wildfire 4, 5
Platforms: Windows/x86-32, Windows/x86-64

Pro/ENGINEER is a leading geometric parametric modeling CAD software.  It provides a broad set of CAD solutions for the design of complex mechanical products.  The Isight Pro/ENGINEER CAD Driver component creates a direct native link to Pro/ENGINEER, allowing the user to modify CAD geometry, extract relevant output parameters, and export neutral geometry files automatically and without using the CAD system interface.  This component can be used together with Isight design drivers to perform Pro/ENGINEER optimization, DOE, or Monte Carlo simulation.

The Pro/ENGINEER component provides support for native prt and asm files.  It supports input parameters including sketch dimensions, feature dimensions, and GD&T dimensions.  The component can output mass properties and equation parameters as well as neutral geometry export to INF, CATIAFACTS, IGES, STEP, VDA, SET, INVENTOR, CATIA, OPTEGRA, ACIS, MEDUSA, VRML, SAT, NEUTRAL, and PARASOLID formats.

Users of the Pro/ENGINEER component also use the following components:
Ansys Workbench component, MSC.Patran component

Attached Files

  Name/Description Last Updated File Size
Pro/ENGINEER process integration using the ProE component
6/15/2006 7.3 mb


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