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Exchange data with and execute Abaqus solvers or Abaqus/CAE

Date Updated: 3/5/2012
Version: 4.507.12065
Compatibility: Isight 5.7, Abaqus 6.7 thru Abaqus 6.12
Platforms: Windows/x86-32, Windows/x86-64, Linux/x86-32, Linux/x86-64

Abaqus is a technology-leading FEA product suite which provides complete finite element modeling and analysis solutions for simulating the real world behavior of materials, processes, and products.  The Abaqus component allows Isight to exchange data with Abaqus and to control the execution of Abaqus analyses. The component scans either a model database (.cae) file or an input (.inp) file and generates a list of input parameters that can be modified by Isight.  The input parameters can include loads, boundary conditions, and material and section properties as well as sketcher parameters, such as extrusion depth and chamfer radius.  The component launches an Abaqus analysis and reads a set of output parameters from the resulting output database (.odb) file or data (.dat) file.

Once configured, the Abaqus component can be used together with design drivers to perform parameter scans, design of experiments, Monte Carlo simulation, or optimization on Abaqus models.

Additional supporting materials for the Abaqus component may be found in the SIMULIA Online Support System (SOSS) under the following Answers:
Answer 4060:  Abaqus component introductory information, demonstration video, and sample models
Answer 4063:  Abaqus component known limitations
Answer 4064:  Abaqus component .cae customization

Users of the Abaqus component also use the following components:
CATIA component, Optimization Stress Ratio plugin, Pro/E component, Unigraphics component

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Compatibility matrix showing which releases of Abaqus were supported by each release of Isight dating back to Isight 5.0-1.
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