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AVL AST by AVL List GmbH

Wrapper component for AVL BOOST, CRUISE, EXCITE, and FIRE

Date Updated: 12/31/2010
Version: 2.0.0
Compatibility: Isight 5.6, BOOST v2011.2, CRUISE v2011.2, EXCITE v2011.2, FIRE v2011.1
Platforms: Windows/x86-32, Windows/x86-64, Linux/x86-32, Linux/x86-64

With the AVL AST Isight component the user can integrate models of the AVL simulation products BOOST, CRUISE, EXCITE and FIRE into Isight process flows.  The component provides access to scalar design variables and responses, which have previously been defined for the respective model in BOOST, CRUISE, EXCITE or FIRE. For each design iteration, the component will transfer the current values of the design variables to the AVL product, execute the specified simulation process including all defined pre- and postprocessing and read back the response data to Isight.

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