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TurboOpt II by Concepts NREC

TurboOpt II is Concepts NREC's program for optimizing turbomachinery performance to get the lowest cost, lightest weight, highest performance, longest life or any combination of these.

Date Updated: 10/1/2012
Version: 8.1.5
Compatibility: Isight 5.6
Platforms: Windows/x86-32, Windows/x86-64

TurboOpt II™ interfaces with all of the software tools of Concepts NREC Agile Engineering Design System, the only commercially-available turbomachinery design system that provides tools and software programs that encompass and integrate the complete engineering process to move you through Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, sophisticated analyses (CFD and FEA), Automated Optimization and 5-axis machining.

TurboOPT II has been designed for ease of use and integrates multi-disciplinary optimization with meanline and overall design and addresses compressors, pumps, fans, and turbines, including radial, mixed-flow, and axial machinery or any combination thereof, with access to all major input and output variables.  It utilizes a flexible user interface allowing customized settings for any number of performance maps and is intended to enable an engineer to achieve an optimal design in less time and at a lower cost.

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